Introducing the
Shelter Point
Whisky Club


Are you curious about whisky?

Whether you are an experienced enthusiast or have never tried a dram of ‘the water of life,’ come and join us for a fun evening of whisky tasting in the beautiful setting of Shelter Point Distillery.

Hosted by Shelter Point Distiller Leon Webb, the inaugural Shelter Point Whisky Club tasting will commence at 7pm on Thursday, November 30 (St. Andrews Day) and will last around two hours. Tickets are only $20 for 4 whiskies and nibbles.

Tickets are available at the distillery, or call 778-420-2200 / email to reserve your spot.

There are only 20 seats available so book now to secure your place!

New Shelter Point whisky is on the way

Update on our Single Malt Whisky & a Holiday Announcement

Update on ourSingle Malt Whisky& a HolidayAnnouncement We have some bittersweet news to share Thanks to the remarkable response from the fans of our Single Malt Whisky, our distribution warehouses have been officially depleted. For most liquor stores, that means...

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Shelter Point wins gold medal!

Shelter Point wins gold in London Shelter Point Single Malt Whisky awarded Gold Medal in the 2016 Scotch Whisky Masters in London. Shelter Point Single Malt Whisky is now officially an internationally acclaimed, award-winning whisky. This, as a result of winning a...

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The heavenly day the barrels arrived

The heavenly day our barrels arrived At Shelter Point, we went to great lengths to acquire the right casks with which to age our whisky—literally. The barrels are made of white oak and came 2,700 miles, from a bourbon distillery in Kentucky. White oak, sure; but why...

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