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The real
definition of an
artisanal craft


Does giving a whimsical name to a spirit made by a conglomerate really mean that it’s a craft product? How about if it’s bottled in limited numbers? There are certainly some large marketing firms that would like you to think so. But in many cases, what’s designated as “craft” or “artisanal” is really just a large distillery’s excess product with a fancy label on the bottle. At Shelter Point, we feel this is worth bringing to light, because we’ve gone to great lengths to be fully independent and stay committed to the authentic artisanal craft model.

What is an “authentic artisanal craft model”?

Well, as it turns out, we may well have defined it. It starts with acquiring 380 acres of fertile, oceanfront land that also happens to border a river. You then custom-build a 9,000 square-foot distillery made from stone and local timbers, appointing it with 18’ high copper stills imported from Scotland. Only then do you go about distilling spirits in small batches, using domestic grain, mountain-fed water, sea air, passion and world-class expertise. Five years hence, after it has patiently rested in Kentucky bourbon barrels, you taste it, obsess (a bit more) about it, then bottle it with a label that really does depict your property, not some artist’s fanciful depiction.

In a nutshell, our vision has never been about quantity or “spin,” but about passion for the process, a deep a respect for our local surroundings and a lot of patience – all of which translates into a truly authentic artisanal craft product. If you’d like to see where the vision began and taste the fruits of our labour, we encourage you to make the trip and visit us in this wonderful neck of the woods – tastings and tours are always free.

A magical mix of great know-how, perfect soil and fresh air
Covid-19 information

Covid-19 information

At Shelter Point, we believe in working together to help and support our local community and businesses.   In light of recent developments with COVID-19, we want to keep you, our customers, our families, and our community safe. We continue to be open for online...

Shelter Point wins Gold at the World Whiskies Awards 2020!

Shelter Point wins Gold at the World Whiskies Awards 2020!

Shelter Point 'Old Vines Foch Reserve Whisky' has been awarded a Gold Medal and is the Category Winner in round one of the prestigious World Whiskies Awards. Shelter Point also won Gold Medals for their Artisanal Single Malt and their Single Grain Smoke Point Whisky....

Shelter Point wins big at Canadian Whisky Awards 2020!

Shelter Point wins big at Canadian Whisky Awards 2020!

The 10th Annual Whisky Awards in Victoria on January 16th saw Shelter Point Distillery win the award for ‘Best All-Rye Whisky’ in Canada and take home 11 medals. Shelter Point won gold medals for its Single Cask Rye and for its recently released Smoke Point Single...

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